[FIXED] Spawning on enemies, and OP weapons

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    First and foremost, I'm REALLY enjoying the game. It's pretty nice. But there are some huge game breakers, balance wise - most of which the team is already aware of, I think.

    - The cerberus. Okay, I think everybody knows that. I really love the rocket launcher in UT and in Quake even more, but it sure is OP here.

    - More than the cerberus, a HUGE gameplay killer for me, is the way you spawn! In a game like that, you're supposed to have some map control, and everything. Now, spawning in front of an enemy who has the mega health, max armor and a cerberus in hands is PLAIN STUPID. Especially when you have just a pistol that's fucking hard to use against a lot of weapons that can simply OS you. Please, please spawn players far from each other, and not randomly! That's MANDATORY.

    - little rants that aren't too important but bother me regardless.
    Was renaming all weapons and game modes necessary?
    It seems like the new thing in nowadays' games is to rename every single thing that already has a name into something stupid.
    Hence, what was always called a rocket launcher by UT/Quake/whatever is now a cerberus, the flamer becomes a dragoneer, FFA/deathmatch is now bloodlust... Please, no. There's nothing more annoying than having to remember a dozen different stupid names in a dozen of different games for what is a CTF, a team deathmatch, a deathmatch and whatever.

    No ingame options? In a fast FPS? You realize we have to set our sensitivity and suchlike, right? Getting in a game with bots, leaving, coming back, seeing that it still wasn't it, re leaving, etc, was very annoying to me.

    As for the weapons... "Weapon 8", "weapon 7" etc in the bindings wasn't really smart. How are you supposed to know what they are? If you played hours, sure, you can sorta remember that during the bindings, but I had to play with bots for minutes just to know that if I wanted to set my rocket launcher on A, I had to bind Weapon 8 to it.

    Also let me rebind the console as I want. Please. Please. For me, tab = scores.

    Also, on my sensei, the top thumb button acts as Enter for some reason.

    Also the music feels bleh. It's kind of a huge blow compared to UT. It's a shame, because IMO the theme for the map before you join the fight is great, and then, there's that pretty lame theme... heh. But that's not something I care too much about. All I want is better gameplay.

    Anyway, game is great, keep updating it, fix the server browser, add duel mode (Pretty please?) and I can't wait to see more stuff. Just don't play it too much for now because I hate seeing the same map again and again. Just having a two maps cycle would make me play hundreds of hours already :p
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