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Sat Oct 01, 2016 3:11 am

  • I can hear silent whispers of your game in dire need of some assistance.. It's crying out for some help to allow it's word to be spread and for the public at large to be given a chance to play on equal footing; as the game should be, in completion..

    I got myself a free copy and I played one match, that is all I will ever play, until it becomes fully free or until you charge me money to play any of the game..

    My suggestion is that FREE should not exist for this game.. either that or that free players are given a chance to jump in to ANY server without limitations.. as far as playing online goes..

    In Australia there is one public server.. with 0 people playing, constantly.. I think what was done with the FREE EDITION is possibly a bad choice made on part of PR.. Whoever made the decision might need to put their hands up and say it aint working, because to be frank.. It will not work..

    So.. for all my gamer friends and old RL friends who thoroughly enjoyed UT, Red Faction, Halo, Quake, etc... I am asking that you do something different with the free edition.. I really want to play this game..

    PS. Awesome Job!... Between this and Dirty Bomb.. I can finally enjoy FPS again.. Thanks for the blood sweat and tears you guys have put in.. This is a classic right now for me and MANY.. But not many people are playing?...

    Don't let worry trodd you down either.. Just find SMARTER ways to market.. This game should be booming soon after ;-)

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