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Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:56 pm

  • i'm just gonna list a few things that i think are currently wrong with the game

    -mouse acceleration is automatically on
    -vsync as well
    -the options menu is not accessible directly when ingame
    -the weapon fov is not the same as the normal fov (could be adjustable in the menu)
    -the sound is in 2.0 and my headphones don't work so well with stereo can you crank it up to at least 5.1? thx (this a minor complaint)(should be selectable in the sound menu)
    - the CONSOLE is bound to TAB by default (JUST WHYY?)
    - no tooltips on the server browser and the ones in the options menu are pathetic (toggle chromatic abberation - what is that even?) (again minor)

    this is just my reaction to the game after like 1 minute of playing it.dont take it salty
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