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Fri Jan 23, 2015 6:15 pm

  • I have a friend that is having issues connecting to my dedicated server. He can connect to the servers teamspeak and other games no problem. But with Toxikk he can't seem to connect. I can't pin this down to his end or the servers end. He can connect to other servers but not mine.

    My server has two ip's primary, secondary

    I have done packet sniffing with wireshark to check for problems. His connection attempts seem all fine. I can see his query request, the server responds no problem. I can then see the connection request packet along with the servers response. But then they can never negotiate on a port to use. From the point after the requests the log will just spam binding request. Never any binding failures or binding responses.

    With the server booting on the primary his destination ip in wireshark is the secondary even though he has manually typed the ip in. If I change the server to boot to the secondary ip, this doesn't help.
    The server is currently still booted on the secondary ip.

    The one strange thing I have noticed though is when he attempts to connect he is also sending packets from his local ip. (192.168.0/1.xx range) And the server is trying to send binding requests to his local ip.

    The local ip's seem to be coming up a few times from different people.
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  • in your local adapter settings there is a way to set priority of connections.

    You might want him to append the port of your hosted server as well.

    the reason you see that he broadcasts for the address on his local intranet is because games that are not solely dependent on the lobby server over the internet send a broadcast request across all adapters for a response.

    from what you explained, its safe to say your server is not responding to his request. or might not even understand what the request wants.

    it could be his steam name causing the issue. have him remove any special characters.

    Also make sure as a host, your ports are open for the game, steam and the lobby server if there is one, etc.
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