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Sat Jan 24, 2015 11:25 pm

  • I thought it might be nice to open a thread for all problems concerning the Intermission.

    So far:
    • 30s is too long. Try with 20s maybe?
    • Scoreboard can not be shown if the binding is not the original one (F1)
    • When the game ends the chat during intermission is instantly opened, leading to the currently pressed key (e.g. when moving forward) appearing n times in the chat message
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  • I'd say 15s or 20s intermission with some sort of voteskip option, e.g. press F12 to vote to skip, if 75% of players vote, most on to next round instantly

    I don't know if it's feasible in UE, but don't reload maps if it's the same map
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  • You can change this on your server in UDKGame.ini
    Code: Select all

    but it still shows a 30 sec countdown lol
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  • Since this is all intermission problems...

    I must be missing something very obvious, but I'm still missing it.
    I bought the non-demo version a) to support it; looks like I could be really good. It's obviously been put together by a driven team who have the 'feel' for this game style.
    And b) to see if it avoided the intermission during solo play.

    Like, I said; I must be missing something. But currently I'm having to wait a whole minute between each round. In Boot Camp. I've spent almost as much time trying to work out how to play as I have playing..

    Many thanks in advance.
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