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Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:48 pm

  • First off, let me say that Toxikk is awesome. Lots of fun so far. I wish there was more than one map at launch though, even though it's early access I think there should be 2-3 maps.

    but I've had a few problems that I think need to be changed in a future update.

    1. No games in the server list. Is this a firewall problem on my end, or a server problem? It also says 0 players when I try to play Nidhogg online.

    2. What server am I connected to? It shows Russia (or something like that) on the map when I go to the server browser.

    3. Some actions aren't available on a controller. I use my XB1 controller and I can't seem to find out how to do some things on it. I'm pretty sure that you can't cloak or crouch on a controller. You also can't adjust your sensitivity. You also can't press "fire" to spawn on a controller. I need to click "fire" on my mouse in order to spawn. Also.. you double tap a direction to evade, correct? It doesn't work most of the time on a controller. It works flawlessly on a keyboard, though. (inb4 use mouse/keyboard)
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