0.97 Bugs I've encountered so far +Hotfix

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  • MXP/SC not saving because of "Unofficial Server". This seems to happen at random (or at least, I am not certain what exactly causes it), because so far it works a few times, and then not. [This issue has been recognized at least and will be fixed.] - EDIT: This issue has been resolved. Thanks, Reakktor!

    <Bot> has entered the game after someone leaves, remains permanently visible in the log. EDIT: I've also encountered this bug when typing "switchteam" in the console, before entering the match. The message "Archon0003 is now on red/blue doesn't go away.
    EDIT EDIT: It seems that random log entries remain permanently visible. However, from what I have seen, it's only entries that are within the first <30 seconds of a match. I could be wrong though.

    Character customization options reset every time I enter the game. (Not the colour presets, only helmet/armour.)

    New map "Ergheiz" in menu selection points to nothing.

    What else have you guys discovered?

    Other than those small few hiccups (that I am aware of) I think the patch is generally quite solid. :)
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