Problem with dedicated LAN Server setup

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  • Hello everyone,

    I´m trying to get a dedicated Server up&running for LAN-Play.
    first my setup:
    Win10 Host: Clean install and ServerPackage from
    Win10 Client: Toxxik 1.0.2 Full via Steam

    When I start a dedicated Server I can find the Server on LAN in the Server-Browser, but when I try to connect it just never finishes. When I try to connect via IP I see my connection-attempt on the DedicatedServer-Window, but it nevertheless finishes.
    I already tried to disable the firewall (it just offline LAN) to make sure it´s not a FW-problem... but doesn´t make a difference.

    Has somebody already successfully set up a dedicated LAN-Server ? What am I missing here ? Any ideas how I could debug my problem ? It´s kinda hard to track down this issue as I don´t see any errors and I think my setup is quite clean.

    Thanks in advance
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  • After a lot of trial and error I found the cause and a fix.
    The culprit is that my launcher by default starts the server with a "?steamsockets" parameter, but steamsockets don't work in LAN mode.

    For a working dedicated LAN server, add this to your [DedicatedServerX] section:
    Code: Select all

    If you want to run custom content and have nginx installed (part of the Toxikk Server Pack), also configure the download URL in the same section as-follows (with the correct LAN IP of the game server running nginx):
    Code: Select all

    When you start ToxikkServerLauncher.exe, either pass a command line parameter "-nosteamsockets" or enter it on the interactive prompt before you enter the number of the server you want to start.

    If the LAN server startup URL becomes too long (server name, mutators, ...), the server will crash when clients try to browse it.
    see viewtopic.php?f=11&t=4000#p26878
    Tools for TOXIKK: SteamServerBrowser | MutatH0r pack | Server Config/Launcher
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