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Mon Dec 12, 2016 5:55 am

  • For the past year I had been experiencing an issue with poor display performance relative to installed hardware and a slow yet persistent frame drop over time. The longer I played without restarting Toxikk the worse it got. If I sat in the menus for too long I would experience a 60-90 frame drop over roughly a thirty minute period that would not recover without restarting.

    In-game I would have what should have been playable fps (100+) but there would be a stutter that made the game play like 15-30 fps rendering it literally unplayable...something very similar to the stutter associated with cpu throttling. This would happen in both bootcamp and online play. The problem even persisted over three different systems which led me to rule out the systems themselves and focus on software that was common between them. I beat my head against this particular wall for several months.

    Recently, I reached out to fellow players to get their thoughts. To help me off of the ledge, PredatH0r jumped in and offered assistance. We ran through the different things we thought it could be and eliminated them one at a time. The breakthrough came when it was suggested to capture a game profile (profilegame 5) to see what was happening in-game while I was experiencing the problem. We both hopped onto the same server...I captured my profile while PredatH0r captured one of his own to use a control.

    He went through the files in the SDKK and discovered an incredibly high 'input time' value that was far greater than it should have been. His control value was 0.03ms while mine was 4.00ms...a huge difference! This input lag was causing the entire frame rendering cycle to be slowed to ridiculous levels...but where was the lag coming from? The most likely places were the mouse and keyboard, so that is where we started.

    First we removed the gaming mouse driver and discovered that we could reduce the lag to 1.80 ms. Next we removed the mouse specific windows driver and got the lag down to 0.70ms. Then we replaced the mouse itself and eliminated all the remaining lag. As a confirmation I installed an identical backup mouse I had on hand and got the same result. Turns out that not only were the drivers an issue, but the mouse itself was the root of the problem. BTW, this mouse was in use on all three systems that experienced the problem...the offending mouse was the Roccat Tyon. I replaced it with a logitech g502 and now all is well...solid 144fps all day long. :)

    So if you are experiencing something similar you may want to look at your could be the problem.

    A huge thanks to PredatH0r and Chatouille for the help in tracking this down. PredatH0r especially went above and beyond. Thanks mate! :D

    game over...moonpie.
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