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Mon Jan 16, 2017 10:25 pm

  • - phantom powerups: when a high ping player sits on the spawn point of e.g. the megahealth, he takes it when it spawns but the item model won't disappear.
    - client plays item pickup sounds while in fact the server doesn't give the item to the player
    - force both players to ready-up before the match starts. (i failed to configure bPlayersMustBeReady=true)
    - "borderless window mode" and "background sound mode" are needed for streamers so that video and sound don't cut out when - spectators get disconnected when no real players are left on the server and the server resets the map
    switching from game window to the streaming app, web browser, chat, ...
    - server browser should show who is player, who is in the queue (preferably sorted by queue position) and who is spec
    Tools for TOXIKK: SteamServerBrowser | MutatH0r pack | Server Config/Launcher
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