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Sat Apr 01, 2017 4:09 pm

  • Hello Reakktor-Devs! Here a few tips or suggestions for Toxikk:1. Bots,Avatars could look more different,like an alien,demon, dragon,knight etc.Players should have a INDIVIDUAL OPTION to change the avatars,with spikes,thorns for example!Yes every avatar should lopk more different then the others,i think that would help a lot.
    2.A better, more deeper,stronger weapon-sound would be nice also.

    3.Changing weather,fog, thunderstorms, dusk,dawn etc. 4. Changing weapon-stashes(yeah i know im not the first or last who asks about!)
    5.More promotion! Maybe a short documentary-film about FPS,Arena-shooters,gamers and Toxikk and devs?!

    6.More Vehicles annd mechs! 7.Maybe two or three hidden/rare "Secret Boss-Bots" SC 12-13?! as defenders or assasins.

    So what do you think about? :?: 8)

    Greetings yours truly
    Slenderknirps a,k. a. NomedGray!
    klaus fischmann
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Sat May 20, 2017 6:51 am

  • I also think you should figure out how to do "Loot Crates" or something similar not a Micro Transaction just "earned at random" for time spent on the game.

    You need to reward your players or there is no reason to play, Gamer's are different now, even those that from 1999 want something NEW and EXTRA... this game lacks about 85% of current game features that it should have since it's 2017... I understand the frag like it's 1999 but I think you guys swung and missed with a lack of multiple skins / body types / no character creation helmet on helmet off options. I mean GET creative guys!! you have to step it up in this industry, not just make a clone of games that used to exist.
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