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Fri Jan 23, 2015 3:56 pm

  • Hi there,

    i just tried out the Early Access Version and i play almost every game in 3D Vision.
    Convergence is in this Version very awfull, i need to set it with the Nvidia ingame settings, but when set, the lightings/halo around lamps loose their focus and drift away from the lamps. Also the lightings/halo have no depth, they are set in front of the full 3D set, even if the lamp is very far. I can also see lightings in front of edges with the lamp behind the edge. Same with reflections.
    Menu is only usable with one eye blind.
    Hope you do some on 3D Vision/VR for this game in future.

    i am sorry for my english, ist not my native language.

    Greetings Savage
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