My issue with the game currently.

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Fri Jan 23, 2015 7:30 pm

  • After playing for about an hour now, I have come to one conclusion that makes the game.. quite bad in terms of experience to be honest.

    Get cerberus -> Win game


    If this needs any explanation, go play the game.. There is only 1 map available atm? which might be part of the problem.. but in those super close quarter maps you should not put a fcukign rocket launcher.. it's pathetically stupid.

    I mean honestly; whenever I get hte weapon myself I get 5+ kills within 10 seconds.. the AOE is big, the dmg is massive.. easy mode..
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  • a claustrophobic map with a rocket launcher will always result in the same outcomes - until people get higher skilled in using double jumps, dodges, and aiming with other weapons and thinking more tactically about the map rather than just putting "FFA mode" heads on and running around like headless chickens.

    Experiences of games previous to this way back when, meant that I would listen out for the different sounds of ammo being picked up, so that I would know where enemies were on the map. This would then inform my direction and what I felt was my relative 'strength' compared to my opponents.

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