Spiral of death(aka once you die you kinda keep dying)

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  • So I am noticing more and more an issue here.

    If you spawn with no weapon to pickup and a long timer you usually get killed well before you can pick it up.

    With the pistol animation and being able to to get as soon as you spawn(and before you can actually move) you can get killed well before the game allows you to even return fire meaning not only do you have a weaker weapon but you cannot actually respond to an enemy right away.

    Hitting the movement key to soon makes you stand still and have to release it and repress it to move.

    The pistol/spawning animation means you cannot see anything going on around you as you spawn.

    With no movement sounds you cannot hear anyone near you as you spawn either and have no notice to react on as you are spawning.

    All of this adds up to the fact that unless you spawn with no enemy around and a weapon to pick up your chances for insta dying are pretty much guaranteed. Dying in this game can easily become die, die, die,die because of being put at a massive disadvantage when spawning.
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