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Sat Jan 24, 2015 7:46 am

  • So as I have gotten better with the movement system and gotten better with the map memorization I have noticed a few things.

    First off. Double jump bugs if you jump close to an edge causing alot of failed jumps and double jump being required to jump over anything gets annoying. But that is the movement system.

    Now the map itself. I can jump, dodge jump and double jump and wall jump but there are few things on the map that allow you to utilize the wall jump. I think the map and all maps could benefit from the ability of the player to use their skill with the movement system to navigate the levels in different ways like jumping over obstacles, double backing, and going up or across what you can not simply double jump.

    Lets start with areas that need tweaking.

    The red armor. The entrance to it needs to be bigger. Because of the the issues with the jump system I often find myself over jumping and hitting above it just incase the game doesn't give me a regular jump high enough to get in.

    The spawn by the shotgun needs to not be facing the boards.

    Being able to wall jump upto the falcon spot would be interesting.

    The sign/poster or whatever near the violator needs to be moved away from the wall so that when trying to jump up into that area you can actually pass through the gap without hanging the sign.
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