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Sat Jan 24, 2015 9:53 am

  • Hello, everybody. Liking the game so far and now that i've played long enough, i gotta point something out: the weapons are boring. All they do is literally just shoot in a straight line(with the exception of grenade launcher), they don't have any interesing features aside from that. If you're wondering what features i'm talking about, remember UT weapons: Bio Gun's projectiles can stick to any surface, Shock Rifle has a devastating shock combo, Link Gun's shaft mode prevents the enemy from dodging, Flak Cannon's primary fire can ricochet off walls and Rocket Launcher just has a ton of firing modes giving that weapon a huge utility. That's is what Toxikk desperately needs in order to improve gameplay depth and raise the skill ceiling.

    Now, let me suggest you some rough gimmick concepts:

    1.Raven - Cripple secondary
    The secondary mode of Raven is a slow moving low damage single projectile that slightly increases the dodge and jump cooldown time upon hit: maybe like 0.1 or 0.2 sec for the duration of 0.5-1.5 seconds. This should improve the utility of the starter weapon meaning that you might use it even if you have a better weapon.

    2.Bullcraft - Armor piercing primary
    The primary mode for Bullcraft has 20-30% additional armor piercing meaning that 20-30% damage will bypass the armor and go straight to health. Considering the fact that the primary mode is a relatively low damage single shot, this gimmick shouldn't be gamebreaking.

    3.Violator - Bouncing grenade secondary
    An additional secondary mode(meaning the old secondary stays) that is a grenade that can bounce off surfaces and explode shortly after. Switching between grenade modes works in the same way UT Rocket launcher does it = one tap shoots grenade that explodes on contact, double tap shoots a bouncing grenade. This adds some area denial options as well as something for those who relies on prediction shots(like me :p).

    4.Falcon - Chargable shot primary
    The primary mode for Falcon is a medium damage slow fire rate shot that can be charged for addition damage: single tap shot inflicts 60 damage with the body shot and double damage = 120 with the headshot. Charged shot inflicts up to 50% more damage - 90 at full chrage - with the body shot, yet the headshot damage is not affected meaning that it will always be the same = 120. How the charge mechanic works: after pressing and holding LMB, the weapon starts to charge for a total of 1.5-2 seconds and after reaching the max power it shoots away, even if you were still holding the button. That means that you won't be able to run around with the fully charged shot as much as you want and instead will have to time it properly in order to hit your opponent. This makes the boring sniper rifle just a tiny bit more fun and versatile.

    5.Stingray - Ricochet primary
    The primary Stingray mode is a medium damage medium rate of fire projectile that can ricochet off surfaces for up to two times. After each ricochet the projectile has it's damage reduced by 25% meaning that the enemy hit by the projectile after it bounced two times will take only half of the initial damage. Now what's the difference between grenade bounce and eden projectile ricochet: the grenade bounces of surfaces like the ball in real life would meaning it takes the gravity and other physical aspects into account. The eden projectile however is not affected by gravity which means that it will bounce off surfaces like a ball on the pool table would - the only difference is that the pool table has only two dimensions where the game world has three.

    6.Dragoneer - Burning Fuel blob secondary
    The secondary mode for Dragoneer is a chragable shot(that can be held for as long as you want) that shoots a burning blob of thick fuel that travels in an arc and sets a surface or an enemy on fire. If the blob hits a surface it smashes(like if you would throw a tomato into a wall), creating a small burning circle that will last for 5 seconds and set an enemy on fire if he steps into it, dealing damage over time - 25HP/sec for as many seconds as the burning circle had left = if the circle was burning for 3 seconds and then the enemy stepped into it, he will burn for only 2 seconds. Yet if the fully charged fuel blob hits the enemy directly, he will take full damage = 150 over 5 seconds.

    7.Cerberus - Nothing. Don't really wanna copy the UT RL here so i will edit this if something sane and original comes to mind.

    So here you go guys. Numbers and percentages here are raw so the only thing you should be judging is the gimmick itself. Also, feel free to suggest something too.
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