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Sun Jan 25, 2015 12:54 am

  • Hello,

    First let me say I've been playing non-realistic shooters all my life and i've noticed a lot of ways to implement a weapon roster.

    Why I'm writing this is because I'm afraid toxikk is going on the wrong path with it.

    So let me present to you this situation:

    Imagine the game with players always having all the weapons in the inventory at all times, with unlimited ammo.

    Name one situation when you would choose a weapon, over all others. I'm not talking about preference, but about pure efficiency.

    Think how UT did it.

    You would use the bio rifle when you want to one shot someone or to remove their armor advantage. Or to set teleporter traps.

    You would almost always use the asmd fighting someone above you on elevated position.

    You would definitively switch to link to finish someone off close range.

    Minigun is what you need for long range open space combat.

    Flak is what you use in close quarters inside small rooms where you don't want to kill yourself while covering a lot of space with damage.

    Rocket is what you use from above someone or on ledges or while retreating around corners or for spawn point checking.

    Sniper is what you need for long range hitscan when the enemy has a predictable path (going for a pickup, exiting from a teleporter etc).

    The thing is you would definitively feel the need for each of the weapons when you play.

    Now do the same for toxikk.

    Why would you ever use the dragoneer? Why would you ever use the bullcraft? Or the sniper? The cerberus covers 90% of the situations while stingray does the rest.

    I'm sure that by keeping this in mind when you rebalance/rework the weapons it will come out great.

    I am big fan of your work and I can't wait to Play the final game. Thank you.
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