My opinions on the beta.

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Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:59 am

  • Good
    -Handles well, mouse is responsive and the movement feels good.
    -No nonsense player based servers (this is actually a huge deal these days)
    -Performs great on range of systems and looks nice to boot.
    -Well balanced considering its in beta.
    -surprisingly good netcode, I can play on +60 ping.
    -Small client size.

    -Tab not bind-able as scoreboard, end of most matches has everyone typing "AAAAAAAAAAAAA" and "WWWWWWWWWWWW" etc in chat because its just muscle memory after so many years of checking score on shooters. I know UT did it, but it was terrible then and it still is now.

    -Unable to change controls/settings mid game. This is essential for tweaking controls and mouse speed to get it just right, jumping in and out of games to change a setting up or down a tiny increment is not great.

    -scoreboard not available at end of match. At the end of matches I was left not knowing where I placed other than Being not first, that's kinda lame. Let us view the scoreboard any time we like even if there is no information there, even the start of a match.

    -Primary fire on the raven starting pistol is useless compared to secondary, balance needed.
    -Cerberus feels too useful, skilled players can dodge and overcome this but for the most part its overpowered.

    Overall though its a pretty solid shooter, better than pretty much every cross platform shooter I've played in recent years.
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