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Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:14 am

  • So I've put about 5 matches in currently, take note this is all 1v1 with a friend in voice chat, aside from a quick botmatch while he installed it. Here's my (slightly disorganized and rambly) take on it:

    FUN. Very very fun. But also very very annoying. Why? Lack of options. Yes, I know it's early access, I know these features will come, but again, these are my thoughts on the current state of the game.

    Keep in mind, I got Unreal Tournament 99 pretty much at launch. It remains my favorite FPS of all time. It trumps any Halo installment, any Call of Garba-- er, Duty, in fact it's very likely my favorite video game of all time. I still play it fairly regularly with some friends. We have several custom mutators that we use that one of us wrote. So why is 99 so good?

    Options. Loads and loads of options. You can play it any way you can dream of, even turn-based if you're so inclined (and have the right coding skills). UT99 (and even the ones afterward, including the red-headed stepchild that is UT 2003 - we don't talk about that one) can be molded to play quite literally however you wish. That's something Toxikk (again, currently) lacks. I know options will come, but right now, I have to mention this one: Those Time Limit/Frag Limit sliders have to go. Like, right now. Like, in the next build. In fact, they need to be gone before I post this. Replace them with a simple edit box that has pretty much no limit. If I want to have a match that runs for 10,000 frags with no time limit, so be it. Or 3 frags with a 3 minute time limit, whatever.

    Point is, anything that's in the game needs to be able to be customized. Frag limits, hit sounds, crosshairs, field of view, weapon respawn timers (instant? 10 minutes? Whatever we want, we should be able to do), spawn protections, starting weapons, etc. Yes, I know, "mutators bruh", and that's all well and good, but the very basic settings need to be able to be easily customized with little-to-no restrictions.

    That said, here are other minor gripes that I'm pretty confident will be addressed in the future, but I'm throwing them out there 'just because'.

    *Auto-weapon switch is garbage. Seriously, nobody uses that. I died so many times tonight because I couldn't get back to the weapon I needed in time because I stepped on a Cerberus and it switched me to it.

    *The sniper rifle's 'base' zoom - I'd really like that to function more like the UT99 sniper rifle, where it's at no zoom to start with. I loved running around with that thing just barely zoomed in, at 1.0x or 1.1x.

    *There's a corner in the map (only one map available as I write this) near the Cerberus, where the elevator is, that sort of has an 'invisible wall' that prevents you from fully hiding in that corner. What is that all about?

    *While I'm on topic of map geometry, I noticed there are a lot of things in the map that should be solid but just aren't. Mostly the awnings and overhangs, and there's a ledge that looks like you should be able to land/run along it, but you can't. I think that's near the sniper rifle, but I don't quite recall offhand.

    *Mouse Acceleration needs to be off by default. It's pretty much garbage for this style of game. I wouldn't suggest this normally, but I had a LOT of trouble getting it to save my mouse settings. I had to quit out of my first botmatch 3 times to go back to the settings because they didn't save.

    *I don't like the moving UI as your cursor traverses the screen. It looks neat, but it's slightly annoying. Can we optionally disable that in a future update, please?

    *In-game text chat is pretty much impossible to see during a match. Not that I'd be using it often since I only ever play with friends and in voice chat, but yes, combined with the kill-feed in the same area, in a busy match I'm pretty sure nobody will ever see someone typing in the chat. It needs to be moved a bit lower and made slightly larger, I suspect (yes, it was impossible to see in UT99 as well - 2004 did it better).

    *Other threads have mentioned it, but we need a weapon bar to tell us what we have and how much ammo it has. Take the Unreal Tournament one and copy/paste it for all I care. Weapon switching could also stand to be a bit faster. Not much, but a bit.

    Those are the current minor points I have. I'll likely edit/update/add/remove things as time goes on.

    Random things

    I've seen a few posts referring to melee combat coming? Please no. Do not want (or at least make it an option, see my rant above).

    I do like the stealth thing, it seems very well balanced. The recharge time and duration are pretty much perfect (but remember, I do low player count games, 1v1, 2v2, 4FFA, etc, so in large player counts, it might be terrible. Options for recharge and duration, Reakktor! Unlimited Stealth match, anyone?!)

    I saw a post referring to it being hard to keep track of targets and such, and something about making player skins brighter/glow/outlined. No. Do not want. This was something we learned to disable in UT99, and it makes hiding in dark areas of maps impossible. But again, if you're gonna do it, give us the option to disable it. (See a recurring theme here?)

    Final thoughts at the risk of writing a book: Is the game fun? Yes. Very much so. I love nearly everything about it so far (except the points above). It's fun, the music is good, the movement is fantastic, (and you included feign death, yes please thank you!) the weapons sound and feel good, they still need a small bit of balance (but I'm likely only ever going to play InstaGib anyway once it's a thing), and overall it's great. I unmapped "Best Weapon" because screw that noise, I'm too used to reloading in games and kept switching to the Cerberus on accident. Also changed L Shift to "Walk" because I'd rather double tap for dodging, thanks for the option of doing it either way, however! Had a lot of fun and laughs playing it tonight and we'll definitely be putting a lot of hours into it.

    I know some people might accuse Toxikk of "ripping off" Unreal Tournament for some of the stuff suggested here, but you know what, I don't think your target audience cares. UT99 (and in some people's opinion, 2004) are two of the greatest games ever made in the shooter department (yes, Quake III was good too, there, I said it), and I see absolutely nothing wrong with copying what they perfected. Sure, we're getting a new Unreal Tournament in the foreseeable future, but what's wrong with having two of them around? Nothing.

    Keep up the great work Reakktor, thanks for a solid game to add to my library!

    EDIT: So I saw someone mention you can disable the auto-switch via an .ini. Took me a bit of digging through the files to find that, so, that's a plus. On the negative side, when I launched the game to test and see if it worked, my mouse settings had reverted back to the defaults again. Anyone know why it does that? I'm not looking forward to adjusting them every time. Though I guess I could change the .ini files so it thinks the defaults are what I prefer...
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