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Sun Jan 25, 2015 10:27 pm

  • Hey guys, great game. I have played around 5 hours so far and finally feel like I have some feedback to give.

    Cerberus- Well I might as well add to the chorus on this one and say that the Cerberus needs to be changed up a little bit more. Personally I find its damage spot on, but the rate of fire feels a little too fast. It might just be because the first game resembling an arena shoot I played was Tribes Ascend, but the rate of fire seems to be a little much and the rockets themselves travel a little too quickly. If the rockets themselves were a bit easier to dodge without making them Halo rockets, then I think this would fix most of the issues people have with this weapon.

    flamethrower- This weapon's primary is garbage. I turns visibility to zero, makes you a target, can kill you easily and just generally isn't that powerful. What I think could fix this is make the flames chew through health a little more and have the flames burn a while creating a fire wall. As it is now they disappear way to fast.

    Spawning- Look, I haven't played many arena shooters of old, but if spawning in the middle of some firefight was a part of those games then I think this is one thing best left there. Granted this hasn't happened super often, but often enough I will die, spawn in crossfire, then immediately die again. I think that in a game of skill the players should at least be given a fighting chance to display theirs with every life. Just a thought.

    Stealth- Now I actually like this. I use it mostly for escapablity or to get the drop in someone. It lasts just long enough and the charge rate is just the right length. If there is a firefight in the sewers and I spawn I can use it to slip out unnoticed. It adds a dimension to the game that is really enjoyable to those who can utilize it properly. It is also pretty easy to spot someone who is cloaked if you know what to look for. I say keep it.

    esports- what can we expect to see from this game in terms as esport. I would be totally down for an esports scene and this would be the first I'd actually follow.

    Looking forward to more guys. Great game
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