Do we need 2 Snipers? Stingray and Falcon

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  • scope should work like in ut ->> zooming by holding right click, using the wheel is soooo annoying
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  • I'm kinda surprised that some guys like alt fire of Stingray. IMO it really lacks creativity and simply duplicates Falcon without zoom with even less damage. Laser beam was already mentioned, but it's an obvious replacement which simply copies Pulse Gun from UT series.

    I'd suggest just adding reflection from surfaces to alt fire of Stingray. In this case, Stingray would be totally different from Falcon and have much more utility than it has now. Just imagine someone crouching in ventilation on Foundation and awaiting for Mega Armor while getting all reflected fire in his face...
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  • Yea, you cannot zoom with the Stingray and it is a Long rang/ Close range weapon creating a lot of unique openings especially if your target gets trapped in a corner or is running away, the Falcon is not that great IMO unless you get a headshot it does not give you a 1 shot kill like the "AWP" in CS:GO unless its a headshot and the time it takes to get off a second shot on a close target you are most likely going to die especially if the person chasing you has any type of movement skills.
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