Hate to be a whiny bitch. But add boot camp MXP

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  • 1- Servers teleport me everywhere
    2- Dunno about tickrate and stuff as I'm not a server nerd, but I know some of my shots ARE GOING THROUGH enemies
    3- Underpopulated. 2v1 (+2+3 bots) is just empty and boring
    4- Barely and choice of servers as they have to be split between SC and also be official servers
    5- Boot camp won't have `smurfs` and hackers
    6- When the game inevitably dies how are people going to level up? I know for certain I wouldn't buy TOXIKK if I knew in the long-run I wouldn't be able to complete it
    7- You can stop MXP gain when mutators are active and bots below experienced (or whatever level)
    8- Boot camp won't have teamers and rocket spamming dicksuckers
    9- I know alot of people that only play games singleplayer or only play in offline mode
    10- You won't get stuck in a SC you don't belong in...

    People are going to respond with `git gud` but seriously, multiplayer has been driving me insane recently

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