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Tue Nov 01, 2016 3:31 am

  • Hi,

    Is there a list of console commands for Toxikk?

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Tue Nov 01, 2016 6:44 pm

  • Here's what I've found from config files.
    You can press F1 opening in-game console and start typing something, then press F1 again for autocompletion.

    Code: Select all
    COMMAND                                  | DESCRIPTION
    CaptureMode                              | Toggles display state of all on-screen warnings/messages
    DebugCreatePlayer 1                      |
    DisableAllScreenMessages                 | Disables all on-screen warnings/messages
    DisableEQFilter                          | DisableEQFilter
    DisableLowPassFilter                     | DisableLowPassFilter
    DisplayAll                               | DisplayAll <ClassName> <PropertyName> (Display property values for instances of classname)
    DisplayAllState                          | DisplayAllState <ClassName> (Display state names for all instances of classname)
    DisplayClear                             | DisplayClear (Clears previous DisplayAll entries)
    DoMemLeakChecking 30                     | Sets a timer to do a MemLeakCheck every N seconds
    EditActor                                | EditActor <Class=ClassName> or <Name=ObjectName> or TRACE
    EditDefault                              | EditDefault <Class=ClassName>
    EditObject                               | EditObject <Class=ClassName> or <Name=ObjectName> or <ObjectName>
    EnableAllScreenMessages                  | Enables all on-screen warnings/messages
    Exit                                     | Exit (Exits the game)
    FlushPersistentDebugLines                | FlushPersistentDebugLines (Clears persistent debug line cache)
    FreezeAt                                 | Locks the player view and rendering time.
    GetAll                                   | GetAll <ClassName> <PropertyName> <Name=ObjectInstanceName> <OUTER=ObjectInstanceName> <SHOWDEFAULTS> <SHOWPENDINGKILLS> <DETAILED> (Log property values of all instances of classname)
    GetAllState                              | GetAllState <ClassName> (Log state names for all instances of classname)
    IsolateDryAudio                          | IsolateDryAudio
    IsolateReverb                            | IsolateReverb
    ListAudioComponents                      | ListAudioComponents (Dumps a detailed list of all AudioComponent objects)
    ListSoundClasses                         | ListSoundClasses (Lists a summary of loaded sound collated by class)
    ListSoundDurations                       | ListSoundDurations
    ListSoundModes                           | ListSoundModes (Lists loaded sound modes)
    ListSounds                               | ListSounds (Lists all the loaded sounds and their memory footprint)
    ListTextures                             | ListTextures (Lists all loaded textures and their current memory footprint)
    ListUncachedStaticLightingInteractions   | ListUncachedStaticLightingInteractions (Lists all uncached static lighting interactions, which causes Lighting needs to be rebuilt messages)
    ListWaves                                | ListWaves (List the WaveInstances and whether they have a source)
    memleakcheck                             |
    ModifySoundClass                         | ModifySoundClass <SoundClassName> Vol=<new volume>
    Obj Classes                              | Obj Classes (Shows all classes)
    Obj List                                 | Obj List <Class=ClassName> <Type=MetaClass> <Outer=OuterObject> <Package=InsidePackage> <Inside=InsideObject>
    Obj ListContentRefs                      | Obj ListContentRefs <Class=ClassName> <ListClass=ClassName>
    Obj Refs                                 | Name=<ObjectName> Class=<OptionalObjectClass> Lists referencers of the specified object
    Open                                     | Open <MapName> (Opens the specified map)
    PlaySoundCue                             | PlaySoundCue (Lists a summary of loaded sound collated by class)
    PlaySoundWave                            | PlaySoundWave
    ReloadCfg                                | ReloadCfg <Class/ObjectName> (Reloads config variables for the specified object/class)
    ReloadLoc                                | ReloadLoc <Class/ObjectName> (Reloads localized variables for the specified object/class)
    ResetSoundState                          | ResetSoundState (Resets volumes to default and removes test filters)
    RestartLevel                             | RestartLevel (restarts the level)
    Set                                      | Set <ClassName> <PropertyName> <Value> (Sets property to value on objectname)
    SetSoundMode                             | SetSoundMode <ModeName>
    Show BOUNDS                              | Show BOUNDS (Displays bounding boxes for all visible objects)
    Show BSP                                 | Show BSP (Toggles BSP rendering)
    Show COLLISION                           | Show COLLISION (Toggles collision rendering)
    Show COVER                               | Show COVER (Toggles cover rendering)
    Show DECALS                              | Show DECALS (Toggles decal rendering)
    Show FOG                                 | Show FOG (Toggles fog rendering)
    Show LEVELCOLORATION                     | Show LEVELCOLORATION (Toggles per-level coloration)
    Show PATHS                               | Show PATHS (Toggles path rendering)
    Show POSTPROCESS                         | Show POSTPROCESS (Toggles post process rendering)
    Show SKELMESHES                          | Show SKELMESHES (Toggles skeletal mesh rendering)
    Show SPLINES                             | Show SPLINES (Toggles spline rendering)
    Show TERRAIN                             | Show TERRAIN (Toggles terrain rendering)
    Show VOLUMES                             | Show VOLUMES (Toggles volume rendering)
    ShowClear                                | Clears a show flag to disable it
    ShowDebug AI                             |
    ShowDebug ANIMATION                      |
    ShowDebug CAMERA                         |
    ShowDebug COLLISION                      |
    ShowDebug INPUT                          |
    ShowDebug NET                            |
    ShowDebug PHYSICS                        |
    ShowDebug WEAPON                         |
    ShowSet                                  | Sets a show flag to enable it
    SSSwapControllers                        |
    Stat ANIM                                | Stat ANIM
    Stat AUDIO                               | Stat AUDIO
    Stat COLLISION                           | Stat COLLISION
    Stat FPS                                 | Stat FPS (Shows FPS counter)
    Stat GAME                                | Stat GAME (Displays game performance stats)
    Stat LEVELS                              | Stat LEVELS (Displays level streaming info)
    Stat LIST                                | Stat LIST Groups/Sets/Group (List groups of stats, saved sets, or specific stats within a specified group)
    Stat MEMORY                              | Stat MEMORY (Displays memory stats)
    Stat NET                                 | Stat NET
    Stat PARTICLES                           | Stat PARTICLES
    Stat PHYSICS                             | Stat PHYSICS (Displays physics performance stats)
    Stat SCRIPT                              | Stat SCRIPT
    Stat SOUNDCUES                           | Stat SOUNDCUES (Shows active SoundCues)
    Stat SOUNDS                              | Stat SOUNDS <?> <sort=distance|class|name|waves|default> <-debug> <off> (Shows active SoundCues and SoundWaves)
    Stat SOUNDWAVES                          | Stat SOUNDWAVES (Shows active SoundWaves)
    Stat splitscreen                         |
    Stat STREAMING                           | Stat STREAMING (Displays basic texture streaming stats)
    Stat STREAMINGDETAILS                    | Stat STREAMINGDETAILS (Displays detailed texture streaming stats)
    Stat UNIT                                | Stat UNIT (Shows hardware unit framerate)
    Stat XBOXMEMORY                          | Stat XBOXMEMORY (Displays Xbox memory stats while playing on PC)
    StopMemLeakChecking                      | Stops the periodic MemLeakCheck that was started via DoMemLeakChecking
    ToggleAllScreenMessages                  | Toggles display state of all on-screen warnings/messages
    togglehdwarning                          |
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