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Fri Jan 06, 2017 4:25 pm

  • Have been trying what happens when you re-enable the console command for creating split screen players. I could create up to 4 clones of myself and the players got their own playercontroller class and viewport assigned automatically. Player 1 can be controlled with keyboard+mouse or a gamepad, further players can only be controlled by gamepads. The split screen can also be set up horizontally for dual screen, with separate screens for no screen cheating.

    Devs probably think local multiplayer is bs. You can host lan games for that. But plugging in a controller is way noob friendlier than setting up a lan game. Especially on toxikk, where lan crashes the game.
    And controller inputs suck. Hm, may be, but for casual players it is more than enough, as halo and UT3 demonstrated on consoles.
    And this game is probably 90% played offline (few people to be seen online while steam stats sites show dozens of players), what also stands on the plus side for offline multiplayer. Why would people have to play Nintendo if they wanted to play multiplayer at home? You see that statement all over the web. Just sayin

    So Reakktor are indie. And oh so small. And can advertise only features they don't ship with. But this stuff almost comes out of the box. Given this kind of feature, it wouldn't be that out of mind to inquire about a full UE3 license and throw this stuff at consoles (ps3 up to xbox one). - if you do it yourself or get somebody to do it for you, it would easily bring in more cash than Toxikk on PC. Just sayin, I don't know where your priorities are.

    Stuff that didn't work out of the box with that simple command:
    - the scaleform HUD, which Reakktor decided to re-position every frame for giving the weapon-bob effect. So except for the downscale, it always resets to default and centers in the middle of the screen (as a result the crosshair turns useless).
    - main menu is shown / split for each split screen viewport
    - the "drone camera" (killer's view after being killed) takes both involved players out of the first person view.
    - Gamepad specific functions like target adhesion or aiming help / autoaim are not currently used, but the code is there.
    - Default Gamepad binds are bs, have to be set up in the input config


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