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Feature Discussion

PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2017 4:31 pm
by klaus fischmann
Hello Toxikk Community, server owners, ladys and gentleman! Last friday night, i was the very first time ever on the Toxikk servers. It was very good,Noob friendly to me. And not so complicated as i thought to jump in to the game. I was lost on Twin Peaks because its a realy big map. I played against a Big Daddy. Calamity Jane, and a few others.Butane is like a ghost to me,
sneaking,deadly.Thank you for playing with you all!! Some servers ARE almost emty i think. And yes more players are needed,
more promotion,maps,vehicles,mechs etc. but i know also it cost time and cash!

Greetings, yours truly
Slenderknirps a.k.a. Headshot6!