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PostPosted: Sat Apr 01, 2017 4:09 pm
by klaus fischmann
Hello Reakktor-Devs! Here a few tips or suggestions for Toxikk:1. Bots,Avatars could look more different,like an alien,demon, dragon,knight etc.Players should have a INDIVIDUAL OPTION to change the avatars,with spikes,thorns for example!Yes every avatar should lopk more different then the others,i think that would help a lot.
2.A better, more deeper,stronger weapon-sound would be nice also.

3.Changing weather,fog, thunderstorms, dusk,dawn etc. 4. Changing weapon-stashes(yeah i know im not the first or last who asks about!)
5.More promotion! Maybe a short documentary-film about FPS,Arena-shooters,gamers and Toxikk and devs?!

6.More Vehicles annd mechs! 7.Maybe two or three hidden/rare "Secret Boss-Bots" SC 12-13?! as defenders or assasins.

So what do you think about? :?: 8)

Greetings yours truly
Slenderknirps a,k. a. NomedGray!