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Tue Jan 27, 2015 4:48 am


    Originally had the intention of using this footage for a video introducing players to the game, how to get and keep map control, how to recover when you lose map control and so on... But I couldn't put thoughts to paper.

    Game 1 was originally just going to introduce to some of the elements of the game, like movement, cloaking, feinting and where items are.
    Game 2 is where I start off poorly, and then eventually get massive amounts of map control. Thanks Cerb
    Game 3 opens with a really bad start (Miss Cerb, Red Armor, Death on Mega room) Then I just pick up a cerb and wreck for the entire game. Cerb OP

    That's about it. It's nothing incredible, but it's some good stuff to watch I guess. Enjoy.

    Video is 1080p60.
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