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    I saw the trailer, and it looks great. I thought I'd just have the temerity to make a suggestion to the devs, and that's to take a look at Tribes:Next. it's an old free game from the old Tribes franchise, basically Tribes 2, and it certainly doesn't have the graphics that TOXIKK has, there might be a few ideas there. One of the things that made that game great was that there were things in it that were easy enough to do, but hard to master (I imagine that you folks have probably heard of it, or maybe even played it).

    It had limited duration jet packs, so you had a vertical element, but one of the more skilled ways of generating mayhem that took quite some practice was dropping down on an enemy, dropping a mine (that was normally supposed to just sit on the ground and trigger if someone got near it), then while it was dropping and you were falling, shoot it (with the "spinfusor" - the common weapon)while it was near an enemy (who could also be in the air), and cause a much more powerful explosion. That took practice, but when you pulled it off it was awesome!

    Also, there was a vehicle,that had a very powerful pulse type weapon, called a Shrike, that was easy to fly (like a cross between a chopper and a ground attack aircraft), but a bit difficult to aim. It could fly fast, but it would scrub off speed quickly if you tried to turn it too fast, leaving you vulnerable. It took skill to make it really lethal.

    Threre were other things like that, but you catch my drift.

    I guess the idea of this post is that it's a suggestion not to make some the game elements like flying vehicles or targeting hand weapons too easy - but that reward the development of the skill to use them.

    Well, that's the two cents worth, for what it's worth. Thanks for reading.
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