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Mon May 11, 2015 5:44 am

  • Ive been playing cod since the beginning. I love it as much as the next guy but im seriously getting tired of it. every year its the same thing... it steadily gets less n less skillful to win. when I first played online there were no kids playing no people complaing cuz they sucked. they just took it and had determination to get good. just like the old days of quake and unreal. but now cod has went for the money doing more n more things to aid the bad players n leaving the rest with skill to get pissed. it use to mean something when you had a 6.0 k/d now anyone can get it. lets make this game be a lesson to cod that they need to be there for the pro n not the money cuz we where the ones that put our videos up to make the game look good to get others to play. so stream n upload this game like crazy!!! FOR THE LOVE OF PRO FPS COMPITION.

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