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  • note - OSD = on Screen Display

    To get to the MD in BL-Cube is possible, but it's annoyingly difficult.

    It's literally impossible to get for newer players, from what I've seen.

    That said, the "more experienced players" will undoubtedly get the MD (maybe with SS)
    ... fill in the blanks.... what happens when a "skilled" player has both power ups...

    Cube is, or can be very fun among similarly skilled players BUT ... in a FFA with random SC's.... the "difficulty" to get the MD is shadowed by the fact some players simply CANNOT do the jump to get the MD. This HAS lead to many players quitting from a round on this map when there is someone (like me, for example) that was able to get the MD. (And render a round complete under "unfair" conditions.)

    I suggest that the height of the platform were the MD spawns be lowered, very slightly, so that everyone (even SC 1) can Double jump to it. (With "some" difficulty (for a SC 1) to make the jump)(SC 10+ should be EASY.)-(is what i mean..?)

    Also I have mentioned before in my megathread that equipping, and HAVING a super power-up equip, should - and needs to be - very obvious/observable to all players in a match.

    Pick Up - VERY LOUD noise AND an OSD saying <player has xxxx> -- All players in the match should hear/see it.
    When a player dies while having power ups equip, an OSD should say to everyone " player x died - xxxx droppped" --- or something similar.

    To be a bit more specific:

    When ANYONE picks up the MD or SS (or any "upcoming" boosters) - an OSD will appear on everyone's screen, displaying this information.
    When a player dies while having a power up equipped - all players in the round must know of it via OSD.

    I will add to this thread whne I've thouhgt of more things. xD
    Please do add to this thread if you agree or disagree. Thanks.
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