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Suggestion - Server Filter

PostPosted: Tue Sep 13, 2016 8:02 pm
by Archon0003
As the title implies, I think that another filter should be added to the multiplayer server filter options.
Specifically "Skill Class Only". (Or something similar)

Along with "show empty server ON/OFF" and "show official servers ON/OFF" .. I think there should .. or must, be another option to show/hide servers that are or are not join-able by any player.

If a person is SC x, then said option should only show servers that can be joined by said player.

I don't want to see a very large list of servers that I cannot join. I only want to see the servers that I can join. Hence, a valid point.
(Also, I am very glad that there is a very large list of active servers that I cannot join. Proves that the game is popular xD) ............ Still. My point remains.