Change SC system to to a floating value SR

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  • Instend of having SCs 0 to 12 how about 1000 though 12000 (yes 12K)
    this would do two things
    1. it would allow much more granular control over the sc ranting for better matching and less empty servers
    2. by inflating the number you give players more incentive to work toward increasing that number
    currently I am thinking the translation should work something like this

    SC 1-5 1000 to 2152 5 to 8 2151 to 3420 8 to 12 5000 to 9999 and above 10K would be considered 'god' territory and require a substantial MXP amount to even move the needle and rating above 10k would not be restricted at all so a person with 12 can play in the same server as 10k also reaching 12k should come with some additional perks such as being exempt from SR restrictions or some other bonus

    skill ratings(sr) that are within 25 to 75 points of each-tor would be allowed to play with each other by the default this 'fudge' range should be adjust-able by the server owner
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  • I know it is tracked internally using two decimal places, but we never get to see that.

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