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  • I have played the game for about 20 hours by now.
    One thing I think needs to be corrected is how the SC is calculated. I will put the following example:

    Lets say I play a Bloodlust match against bots with a SC 3. I am far better than them, so I win and at the end of the match, I get an SC of 10.
    Now I play another Bloodlust match against bots with a SC 11. I don't do that bad, I still get a lot of kills, but I die a lot more and end up losing. I get a SC of 5.

    Do you see what is not right there?.
    If the SK is an indicator of the abilities of the player, I should have gotten the SAME SC.
    Maybe not 10 or 5, but 8 or 9 perhaps.
    I don't know how the SC is calculated, but it's pretty obvious that it is not taking into consideration the SC of the players I am playing against. Getting kills against a SC 12 player should be a lot more valuable than getting kills against people with a SC of 1 that are just learning to play.

    So, in conclusion, I think the SC calculation should take into consideration the SC of the players I am facing up.
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