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Sat Aug 02, 2014 2:31 pm

  • Look I don't know how else to say this, this game looks pretty clearly to be "targeting" unreal tournament style play. A good thing after the crap that epic put out. I personally am not married to unreal tournament but I am hopeful that this game or some game in the future could really unite a lot of the players that are longing for something decent afterall those of us looking have been desparate. There is a huge community when you add up the old school fast paced first person shooters. Mainly the quakes, unreals, halflife death match games and tribes series but there were others like PK, JK2 etc....

    I have a feeling you are all very aware of the weapons in UT so I won't get into those, and most of the quake weapons were essentially copied in one way or another in UT. But there are a couple of weapons I think UT players do not really appreciate for how amazing they are.

    What I would like to see is for this game to pull the best features from those other games.
    for instance halflife death match had the gauss gun, literally the best weapon ever made in any game. A weapon which allows you to gauss jump of sorts would be great. Not that any single weapon has to do everything a gauss gun did but the core principles across a new weapon or multiple weapons would be ground breaking in modern times. The ability to jump and shoot through walls creating an explosion on the other side redefined how one could play as it cut off many options for just running away.

    The gravity gun from HL2DM was amazing, and something similar would be great. It was the most offensive defense weapon I have played in any game.

    Portal gun, I mean this would be amazing in a DM game. Think of the level of strategy and tricks one could use to move around.

    My main point is open your mind to the other possibilities. I have played all the major games and given them a fair chance and I noticed a sharp trend, there were people in each game who all seemed to be wrapped up in the fallacy that their own game was the best. This was bad because they couldn't accept the great features of other games and could not see the flaws of their own favorite game. Not a single one of those games was even close to flawless and each of them had interesting features that were unique and great. The common trend was all the games had a variety of weapons at your disposal that could be used in multiple strategic combinations while moving fast. Its time to bring this to a new level IMO.

    nay sayers don't bring your crap about balance. A game can be rebalanced through the use of good level design to accommodate almost any weapon. Almost all the great games of the late 90s early 2000s had almost no thought to balance by the developers the community created the balance by selecting maps that often removed broken weapons or mitigated their usefulness. This genre needs to take some big risks to garner new interest. We have seen other attempts such as nexuis fail. Doing the same old with a pretty skin is not going to be enough.

    Promise some of those features in weapons I buy a godlike package without thinking.
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