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  • Hi there guys,

    before I even start: I know that we wanted to have the DVD boxes shipped in February latest and you don't want to hear that we were busy with TOXIKK 1.1 Detroit build (which is true... but...)

    ...so, what happened?

    Well, in short, Reakktor is a digital company and we kinda underestimated the effort it takes to ship physical goods around the world. The DVD boxes get shipped to over 30 countries. Many of them outside the US or the EU which means that some of them have quite exotic laws/regulations regarding tax and customs...

    Ok, what now?

    We officially gave up. We can't handle this ourselves and will sign a company to get the job done. Someone who is used to deal with stuff like this. At a first glance, It's all not that much of a big deal and we were eager to get this done ourselves, but had to realize that shipping physical goods around the world is none one of core skills.

    We will contact companies tomorrow to get a quotes for the job and then sign a deal with one of them ASAP. I will report the status back here before the week is over.

    So, more waiting, eh? Got ANY good news for us at least?

    All these delays had one good side-effect: The team seniors (Toni, Lenny, Thomas, Marco and myself) found the time to sign the DVD boxes. So, at least the waiting wasn't for nothing. And there's one more thing that makes the DVD edition special: It'll be the first AND LAST physical good Reakktor ever gave out. All this headache was simply too much for us... Future rewards & products will always be digital only.

    But I opted for the four additional keys. Can I have them now?

    We handle all of this in batches and we don't want to prefer one party over the other. This means that the keys will be given out the day the boxes get shipped.

    What about our name in the credits?

    The Godlike founders who gave us a name to be mentioned in the credits, will find their name in the upcoming 1.1 Detroit build.

    Okay, that's it for now. I'll get back to this thread before the week is over with a status update (which will hopefully simply read "All DVD boxes were sent".
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  • Thanks guys! Being an indie studio sure sounds hard, so I can sympathise with you here

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  • Oh damn, I wish I found this post 12 days ago haha, I have been watching the mail like a hawk all week. Well I guess it's good news! Mailing stuff is a pain in the ass for sure, especially dealing with customs forms, and paying $15-25 in additional FEE's just to ship something international. Sometimes I think "Shipping" is major scam from all these companies just trying to make extra money.

    Good Luck to you guys !
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