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Sat Sep 20, 2014 11:47 am

  • The 'Violator' rifle? with an (under barrel??) grenade launcher starting with the words "Pump Action" and witnessing it in action kinda not a fan of that imo it just acts as the 'Ceaberus' with little less damage output and also imagine the 'Bullcraft' in action with explosive rounds :grumpy: .
    Is it possible for it to be an actuall grenade(or whateva projectile it is?) and be able to detonate on direct hit with an enemy player or detonate itself at a set time(-+2sec?) rather than exploding on random surface touch(giggity), its also gotta have those bounce physics boink;) if its soo it opens another way to travel(time the grenade jump on top of the grenade and jump like real life :neutral: ) another way instead of just rocket jumping(which I didn't see? Sharkster I'm pointing at you or maybe this was before the rj was confirmed)..besides grenade jump ftw right :naughty:? (or whatever its called OG Quake)..
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