Thoughts about potential weapons tweaks/balance adjustments.

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  • Ravager (Melee weapon):
    Initial contact should deal more damage (+20%), and then push the target away from the attacker.
    If the damage dealt remains continuous (i.e a corner situation), it will (after the initial "hit") remain the same as it is now.
    The welding beam should be more obvious to the enemy as well.

    Raven (Pistol):
    Remove initial spawning "loading" animation completely.
    Decrease damage, but increase ROF. (-25%, +10-15%)
    Optional: Less accurate, higher ROF (continuous) alternate fire mode.
    Optional #2: Duel wielding. With two Ravens equipped, accuracy is immediately reduced -25% for both individually, but ROF remains the same. The key bind for "drop weapon" drops one of the two, thereby cancelling the "disadvantage" of having two equipped.

    Bullcraft (Shotgun):
    No current suggestions.

    Violator (Assault Rifle):
    Decrease long range accuracy slightly. It is somewhat too effective at long ranges, where it should mostly be a mid range choice.
    Optional: Bouncy grenades. Grenades only bounce once, thereafter they will explode upon the next impact. If a grenade makes direct contact to an opponent, it will not bounce (obviously) and will instead explode immediately. Trajectories of the bounce is another discussion on its own.

    Falcon (Sniper Rifle):
    Increase damage, but decrease ROF. (+15%, -20%)
    Currently the ROF is too high, and it favors more skilled hitscan players somewhat "unfairly" at long/mid ranges. IMO, it needs to become more of a "high-risk" damage dealer.

    Stingray (Pulse Rifle):
    Optional: Swap fire modes. Primary fire <-> Alternate Fire
    As this might make the SR a weapon of choice, decrease beam damage and decrease ROF.

    Dragoneer (Flamethrower):
    The alternate fire should not be able to contain a maximum charge indefinitely.
    Once a fireball is fully charged via the RMB, it should be "forced" to "exhaust" after a time, as well as having consumed available ammunition for the said charge.

    Cerberus (Rocker Launcher):
    The alternate fire is currently limited to vehicular-based game modes, as it "locks" onto a vehicle target. For every other game mode, it is useless.
    The alternate fire should perhaps initiate a "lock-on mode", whereby a target can be locked after a time - both vehicle and human.
    Vehicles require less time to lock on, humans require more time.
    Once locked, a fired rocket will pursue its target with decent ability.

    Hellraiser (Redeemer/Nuke gun):
    No current suggestions.

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