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Tue Jan 20, 2015 4:45 pm

  • Hello everyone !

    First thing first : I may haven't read all the forum, so If this kind of topic already exist, sorry about that !

    I'm aware this may sounds a little premature, but since Toxikk have in mind to "reborn" the arena fps genre, here's my thinking : what about some new stuff - I won't say "never seen before" cause I'm not aware of every game on earth, but maybe less "classic" ?

    Here are my ideas so far :
    -We all know the CTF mode, but what about have one more CTF with 3 teams instead of 2 (3v3v3 or 4v4v4 or 6v6v6) ?
    -With the matchmaking, have a 1vs2 (DM and TDM at the same time) to give the possibility :
    - for n00bs to kick some better players ass (2 of them)
    - for better players to show n00bs who makes the rules (the "1" in "1vs2")

    I know the game isn't still playable (2 days left !) but if these suggestions are successful maybe the devs will look after them and we could play some never played modes (or at least that I know) :)
    So, tell me what you think or if you have another ideas !

    P.S. Sorry about my English, I hope everything I said is understandable !
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