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    If you created custom content for Toxikk, following our GENERAL SDKK AND WORKSHOP GUIDE, but still have questions or problems with our SDKK STEAM WORKSHOP UPLOADER, the following is a step-by-step guide, helping you through the upload process as detailed as possible. Thanks to Equim for providing this guide.

    STEP 1

    Make a copy of the UploadConfig.cfg file and name it after your map so if your map is called for example BL-CowLevel then name it "BL-CowLevel_UploadConfig" or something similar. You'll want to keep one of these files for each of your workshop items.

    STEP 2

    Make a copy of the UploadContent folder and name it in a similar fashion. So to use the same example It would be BL-CowLevel_UploadContent" Keep the subfolders in there those will be important but do go into the Content folder and delete the "WorkshopMap" folder and create a folder named after your level. So with the same example it would be BL-CowLevel. It's in this folder you'll place the .upk and .udk files for your map.


    Easy step. Put all the stuff in the right folders, .upk and .udk in the subfolder you made in the content folder. The .ini for your map goes into the config folder.
    Put the preview image for your map in the normal WorkshopUploader folder. It should be in PNG or JPG format and not exceed 1 MB in size. Name it something like BL-Cowlevel_Preview.

    STEP 4

    Open the UploadConfig.cfg that you have renamed to fit your level. What the stuff in this file means will be explained next.

    ItemID: Leave this empty, it will be automatically assigned by steam when you upload your map/item later.

    Previewfile: This is used for the preview image for the workshop and should be in either JPEG or PNG format but not exceed 1 MB in size. So in this example it would be set to "Previewfile = BL-Cowlevel_Preview"

    Contentfolder: This points to the folder that will be used for uploading. It will grab everything in that folder which is why we deleted the WorkshopMap stuff that was already there. So in this example the line would be "Contentfolder = UploadContent_BL-CowLevel"

    Visibility: The line above this describes the different settings for this line. The number you set it to determines who can see what you have uploaded (Can be changed on the workshop page later) 2 means only you and people you have set as creators can see it. 1 means you and your friends. 0 means that anyone can see it. If it is your first upload, I'd recommend setting it to owner so you can see that everything looks the way you want before you make it public.

    Title: This is what the name of your item will be on the workshop page. Simple enough.
    Description: You can add some description to your map or leave it empty if you want to edit it on the workshop page itself later which is what I'd recommend. Also, if you have anything on this line after you have changed the description on the workshop page it will be overwritten if you upload a new version of your item. So set it back to empty to prevent that. A window will pop up saying that the the description is empty and ask you if you want to not upload one at all.

    Tags: Simple. The tags for your item on the workshop, used for filtering.

    Changenote: You can add changenotes here, version numbers, etc. It's like patchnotes. Can also be edited through the workshop page itself.

    STEP 5

    Once you have everything sorted out. Launch the ToxikkWorkshopUploader.exe and select the config file you've just set up. In this case "BL-CowLevel_Uploadconfig" You'll be given a steam ID that will be kept in the config file and used to upload more things to the same workshop item. Simple enough. Follow the instructions and you should be set.
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