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    Custom Playermodels 2.0 (More like 3.0 now)

    It's finally here, the Custom Playermodels Enabler. With the Custom Players mutator, you can open up the uncharted realm of custom playermodels within Toxikk. Adding playermodels is simple for hosts and just as easy for modders.

    Rather than using the two faction models in Toxikk, you can add additional characters to your Toxikk solo game or server. On top of this, you can select the models through the convenient Flash-based model menu included with the package.

    Custom playermodels are now easier than ever!

    Included Playermodels:
    • HK-47
    • Drayos
    • Exocom
    • D.A.R.
    • D.A.R. (Green variant)
    • Q3 Bones

    Red and blue teamskin support, through separate skins or dynamic colors
    • First-person arm model swapping, plus 1P skin color swapping
    • Toggle-able ability to hook your Toxikk profile colors into playermodels
    • Unique player descriptions and portraits
    • Periodic reminder messages to aid new players (optional)


    Image Image Image Image

    Mirror Downloads:

    Image Image

    Configuration Info:

    UDKCustomPlayers.ini Help:

    Code: Select all
    bShowReminder: Show periodic reminder messages
    ReminderTime: The amount of time between reminders

    Code: Select all
    ClientPlayerPreference: The selected player by class name
    bUseColors: Use Toxikk colors (see menu)
    bDebugMode: Enables LOTS of debug logging

    Mutator Code: CustomPlayers.CRZMutator_CustomPlayers


    Unzip all files in the included .zip file to your Steamapps/Common/Toxikk/UDKGame directory. After this, enable the mutator in-game. To install a playermodel, extract it to your Toxikk/UDKGame folder and sure the INI file is in the UDKGame/Config folder.

    NOTE for the latest version:
    The latest version of the PM mutator is 100% clientsided. Think something along the lines of UT2004. You'll only see someone else's custom model if both of you have the model installed. Otherwise, they'll show up as the default playermodel.
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Fri Feb 19, 2016 12:46 am

    (I said 2.0 was the biggest update, I lied.)

    What's new?
    The latest version of the CustomPlayers mutator has been painfully re-coded, and it now works 100% clientside. For those who might not know what this means, the server has zero knowledge of the playermodels that anybody has installed.

    BASICALLY: you'll never have to download playermodels from a server again, everything works 100% on the client's computer. You'll only see someone's custom playermodel if you have the same files that they do. Otherwise, they'll just fallback to a default TOXIKK model. Voicepacks use a hacky-ish workaround, but these are clientsided too.

    3.0-ish completely changes the way playermodels will work in the future.
    All playermodels are optional and nothing is forced on you. You can use whatever model your heart desires, as long as the server is running the base mutator.

    If you don't have this version of the mutator, GET IT NOW!
    Until I update all of the playermodels with their INIs, use these and drop them in your Config folder.

    Under the hood changelog:
    • Players now use DataProviders instead of lines in UDKCustomPlayers. (AKA separate INIs) These are self-explanatory.
    • Added bShareMainTextures to player infos, no more need to copy the same lines over and over
    • Added ModelSkinReal, FPSkinReal, etc. as direct references to the materials. This might optimize some.
    • Improved the non-classic selection mode in the PP menu. Cosmetics only work for your selected model.
    • Voicepacks should still work as before, but custom footstep sounds might not be heard to other players.
    • Fixed up stealth all nice so it works now, arms should no longer be opaque
    • If no red and blue materials are specified or they're the same as the default, CP will not re-load unneeded materials.
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