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Wed Jul 20, 2016 3:28 pm

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    Quake 3 Arena: Weapon Overhaul
    Something I’ve been working on for a while, the first weapon bundle for TOXIKK. this overhaul contains all of the weapons from Non-TA Quake 3 Arena. These were compiled very meticulously with lots of comparing in order to match them as closely as possible.

    • Replaces all ammo and weapons
    • Optional config value to replace health, armor, and Quad Damage
    • Includes both Q3A and Quake Live skins for the railgun
    • Sounds, muzzleflashes, and FX from Quake 3 Arena


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    In-Game Preview Video

    Mirror Downloads:

    Image Image

    Mutator Code:
    Code: Select all

    UDKQ3Weapons.ini Help:
    Code: Select all
    bReplaceItems: Replaces health, armor, etc.
    bUseRedhealth: Uses large health for healthpacks instead of yellow


    Unzip all files in the included .zip file to your Steamapps/Common/Toxikk/UDKGame directory and enable the mutator, it's that simple. Also remember to copy the .INI to the Config folder of your workshop folder and/or UDKGame folder.

    With the railgun selected, you can type ToggleLive in console to use the Quake Live skin.
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  • Whoa, how come I never noticed this one? Either way, definitely gonna give this a spin!
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