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[WEAPON] Classic DooM Weapons

PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2016 6:52 am
by ZedekThePD
Classic DooM Weapons
Another huge release for you to play around with, something that's been done for a decent while. I'm releasing these because I don't work on them as much as I used to, so have fun. The classic weapons that you know and love, right in TOXIKK.

• Many configurable Doom and Skulltag powerups with screen filters!
• Junky cardboard third-person weapon models
• Includes every weapon from Doom and Doom 2, aside from chainsaw
• Mesh-less weapons drawn right onto the screen


Image Image Image

Mirror Downloads:

Image Image Image

Mutator Code:
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UDKQ3Weapons.ini Help:
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bReplaceHealth: Replaces health vials and health packs.
bReplaceArmor: Replaces armor shards and actual armor.
bReplaceLoadout: Replaces the spawn inventory with the pistol and fist.
bReplacePowerups: Replaces max damage, jetpack, mega health, etc.

Check the .ini file in UDKGame/Config for more info.


Unzip all files in the included .zip file to your Steamapps/Common/Toxikk/UDKGame directory and enable the mutator, it's that simple. Also remember to copy the .INI to the Config folder of your workshop folder and/or UDKGame folder.

Image Doomsphere
Quadruples all damage dealt for 25 seconds

Image Guardsphere
Constant 250 armor for 25 seconds

Image High Jump
Doubled jump height for 30 seconds

Image Partial Invisibility
Reduced stealth energy drain for 25 seconds

Image Invulnerability
Total invulnerability for 25 seconds

Image Megasphere
Raises health and armor to 200

Image Rage
Doubled firing speed for 30 seconds

Image Invisibility
45 seconds of pure stealth

Image Soulsphere
Same as mega health, gives 100 health

Image Turbosphere
Quadruples movement speed for 25 seconds