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How to change or add font?

PostPosted: Wed Sep 14, 2016 1:11 pm
by Kirin_11
I want to translate this game main menu and text to Japanese because Japanese player don't want to play English game.

I tried the following thing.

Copy TOXIKK/UDKGame/Localization/INT and rename it JPN
Change extension to jpn from int where in JPN folder

Edit Cruzade.jpn [GFxCRZFrontEnd_MainMenu]
MainMenuOptions=(OptionLabel="終了",OptionDesc="GRAB YOUR MONEY AND RETIRE EARLY", UseTween=true, WorldTween=(x=2000, y=1250, z=-69))
MainMenuOptions=(OptionLabel="クレジット",OptionDesc="FIND OUT WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS MESS", UseTween=true, WorldTween=(x=2000, y=1250, z=-69))

Added lunch option on steam, -Language=JPN

I can see these text changed at main menu but these are garbled characters.
I thought there is no Japanese font in this game.

Please tell me how to change or add font.
I already have Japanese font package (It could use for UT3)