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    I wanted a weapon locker mutator, so I wound up making one. With all of the weapons that myself and others will be releasing, having a mutator to replace individual weapons might not work. Now you can have as many weapons as you'd like, go crazy.


    • Locker styles from both UT2004 and UT3, configurable in the INI
    • Customizable translation, rotation, etc. for each weapon, works online
    • Lockers can hold 6 weapons at a time, but swap guns out at customizable intervals
    • Ammo can be replaced, shuffles between different types at customizable intervals
    • Particle effects copied close-ish from UT2004, meticulously from UT3

    Known Bugs:
    • No respawn effects yet, they just kinda appear there
    • When picking up replaced ammo (the ones I included), the pickup icon of the last item you used will be shown. Nothing I can do about this, this is common with all weapons and it's something that'll have to be fixed officially



    Mirror Downloads:

    Image Image


    After installing your weapons as usual, you'll have to add them to the UDKWeaponLockers.ini file. By default, it comes pre-packed with some codes for a lot of popular ones. Adding a weapon is relatively simple, look at one of the Q3 lines:

    Code: Select all

    Let's look over it bit by bit:

    TheClass: The class name of the weapon, nothing too major. This should be visible in the Src folder, if included.

    Replaces: This is an array of TOXIKK weapon lockers that the gun will use. If you put CRZWeap_SniperRifle here, then the locker that replaces the sniper rifle will use this weapon. You can add multiple, but separate them with commas.

    Offset: This is a vector value, which controls how much the weapon will actually be offset from its locker position. You can either guess with trial and error, or edit AllComponents in the locker by using EditActor.

    Rotation: This is pretty much the same as offset, except this is relative. Meaning this rotation will be added to the weapon's default locker rotation.

    Sizer: This is a size multiplier that decides how much the weapon will be scaled up or down. 2.0 doubles the size.

    MeshOverride: Optional. For some weapons (ex. classic Doom weps), they may be missing a pickup model or use sprites. You can override the locker model with another one if you so desire.

    Ammo Shuffling:

    Code: Select all

    Pretty self-explanatory.

    TheClass: Class name of the ammo that is going to be used in the shuffle.

    Replaces: Class name of the standard TOXIKK ammo pickup that this ammo will be replaced with.


    bDebugMode: Mostly a bunch of things for testing, but might be useful for seeing which weapons got added and which didn't

    bUseUT3Models: Self-explanatory, uses UT3 lockers instead of UT2004 ones.

    LockerSwapTime: Time in seconds that it takes for a weapon locker to pick new weapons.

    AmmoSwapTime: Ditto.
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