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  • I think private ranked servers bare the potential of rank manipulations. I prefer global player statistics as well (like in UT2004), but they're also prone to such attacks.

    As for Linux servers, Sharkster already made clear that there won't be any, which is a pity. Toxikk will be Windows only.
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  • @ Coco :

    Thats a true point! Therefor i think the concept of having "ranked" server for such a small game will become a problem.
    Who, i mean wich hoster will be allowed to host a ranked server?
    Thats a big point, cause i have experienced a lot of trouble with some hosters cause they don´t know theire stuff.

    A good server hoster with a good service and hardware is imho I3D.net

    But as i told before ranked server will not work in a game wich has already such a small comunity....

    If iam allowed to compare the game with the RISE OF THE TRIAD GAME, servers are available in an early beta status and nobody plays the game anymore.

    I think the same will happen here if the producer of the game fails to setup servers with a good ping and stability. On the otherside i would suggest to get a "hoster" as a partner for hosting ranked server.

    I have already talked about that with I3D.NET i think they would do it.... just think of it, cause the have DC on the most places.

    So what you think?
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  • I know of 2 server providers who would immediately begin hosting Toxikk. SimRai and EOReality. You can contact them yourself or tell me to do it, they will absolutely put them up asap as they have in the past for other games that I've sent their way.

    I have a dedicated server, having issues getting multiple servers on 1 ip due to a steamsockets error. Can a dev please help me resolve this or at least tell me you're aware of it and the status of the dedicated server binaries (a lot of people asking about that, and I believe it's what will resolve my issue as the client files don't support a parameter to tell it to look for open steam sockets)

    As far as ranked servers, I think that the only requirement should be that is is dedicated, and has certain rules. Now these rules may or may not actually be worthy of playing anything "ranked". For one, I'm hoping we can get real WeaponStay off (not the kind where every person can pick up a gun and it only disappears for them). 4v4 TDM is like a whole different gametype, and much higher skilled when players have to share and control weapons.
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