[NEWS] Upcoming Map DEKK

Official announcements from REAKKTOR Studios
Sun Aug 23, 2015 8:52 pm

Sun Aug 23, 2015 9:13 pm

Sun Aug 23, 2015 10:02 pm

  • Dude... That's goddamn beautiful. I wanna sex this map big time American.

    I'm sure there are problems I'm not seeing, but if you guys released this more or less as it is, I don't think anyone would complain... Seriously, good job.

    Can we expect to see some other color theme besides blue? Green perhaps? That would rule. I suppose we could always map that ourselves.
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Sun Aug 23, 2015 10:13 pm

  • Looks amazing! Great work. Keep it up.
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Sun Aug 23, 2015 11:25 pm

  • It really looks pretty darn cool. Can't wait to see it in-game.
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Mon Aug 24, 2015 12:06 am

  • looks great BUT isnt it a bit cheesy to be remaking a UT map as official Toxikk content? (I think it is). I would expect the community to remake this map and have original stock Toxikk content made by Reakktor. I think this just gives ammo the people who claim Toxikk is just a UT ripoff.

    Like I said, it looks awesome, I am just a little disappointed that it is not a "new" map.
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Mon Aug 24, 2015 12:49 am

  • Polkadot Cadaver wrote:Like I said, it looks awesome, I am just a little disappointed that it is not a "new" map.

    Well, given Toxikk's idea and development history, evolving (i.e. reinterpreting) at least one of the classic UT layouts was quite an obvious move for us.

    However, the new theme will also be used on other maps of course...
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Mon Aug 24, 2015 6:04 am

  • I almost fell down my chair. Good lord this looks beautiful!
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Mon Aug 24, 2015 7:23 am

  • Ooh! Me likey.
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Mon Aug 24, 2015 10:17 am

  • This looks pretty good. The theme matches the Toxikk kind of vibe much better than maps like artifact or ganesha. I kind of doubt that the Toxikk weapons play well on Deck except for the sniper but lets see. Oh and i hope this is the original layout from ut99 because the versions from ut3+ut4 with the added corridor around the flak canon became such a +back fest that it plays rather boring.
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