Official announcements from REAKKTOR Studios
Thu May 26, 2016 9:23 pm

  • V0.95 had his little baby today...:

    - Clients now wait 200s for server response while waiting to travel to next map (when server done loading next map). This process may be cancelled by the user (back to main menu).

    - If your player slot gets "stolen" on a full server (while travelling) by some other (faster joining) player, you now get a least thrown back to the main menu instead of infinitly being stuck in the loading screen.

    - Dedicated servers are trying to save their newly compiled shaders at the beginning of every map. This works if no other instance of the game is running.

    - ToxikkLauncher: again availability fix: custom content should always be immediately available in-game when the game was waiting for Item download to finish

    - Changed font on the in-game log/chat to Helvetica

    - Auto download redirection fix by predathor and chatouille

    - Jet-pack can now be activated while falling

    - Obsolete content stripped

    - Vehicle icons for the Streamer and the Demon fixed
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