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Wed Dec 09, 2015 7:14 am

  • So, since I've taken a pretty extended break from Toxikk now. (I think a lot of us have. And for me, popping in a bit here and there to play some and fiddling with some maps when I feel like it doesn't really compare to when I was streaking the game 10+ hours every day).
    I've recently decided to do a chronological playthrough of first-person shooters on my stream. Meaning that I started with 1992 and Wolfenstein 3D, to then work my way up to modern day, year by year. Picking out a bunch of shooters for each year. For example you got 1998 with classics such as Unreal or Quake 2. But then also lesser known games like Shogo: Mobile Armor Division.
    The list is quite long as it is and some games have been excluded for various reasons. (Doesn't run well, no real interest in playing it, doesn't fit the category that well, etc)

    So, if you are a fan of shooters or just wish to see me die horribly again and again. Feel free to pop on over.
    I don't really have any set streaming schedule and my hours are kinda erratic. (Sleep until I wake up, go to bed when tired, etc). So one stream can be at 2 am CET and then a week later we got one at 3 pm instead. Makes it horrible to try to follow, right? But whaaaatevah!
    (I'll be back to some Toxikk eventually. Don't you worry).

    Twitch Stream
    Link to the current list of games (This list has some notes on some games and so on, fancy color coding and such too. And I'll keep it updated. Any games that you feel should be added, throw them my way!)
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  • Best of luck. Can't promise I'll be able to tune in, but I'll try at the very least.
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