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  • Hi everyone.
    This topic is somewhere between being related and not related to TOXIKK, but that being said I think this is the most suitable place to post. :yes:

    Recently (In this week) I purchased the BenQ XL2720Z (27"/1ms/144hz/1080p). The latter being an upgrade from the good old Samsung P2770H (60hz/2ms/1080p). If there are any of you out there that have not yet experienced gaming (FPS gaming, more specifically) at 144hz (of course, if your PC is able to output a framerate of 144fps average) - Then really, do consider it. NOW. It really is a game changer, IMO. With regards to TOXIKK, I have found that I am playing "better", simply because it feels so much smoother. It's incredible. :D

    On another note.
    AFAIK, the BenQ XL2720Z is pretty much one of the best buys for 144hz/1080p gaming right now. I know there are others, but again AFAIK BenQ is among the top list of contenders. Also, again (lol) AFAIK the ASUS ROG Swift (144hz/1440p/G-Sync) is apparently one of the very best. That and the new ACER Predator...something. (I am not too clued up on that one, tbh.)

    A friend of mine who owns the ASUS ROG came to my place and I conducted a very simple test. What is the "real-world" performance loss when going from 1080p, to 1440p? A question I think some people would like to have answered. I know I did. So, we tested it.

    Running Unigine Heaven v4.0 - at 1080p - on MY PC, all settings at maximum possible, I had an AVERAGE fps of 57.2
    The SAME test, SAME PC and SAME settings BUT at 1440p (with the ROG), I then got an average of 32.9 fps.
    Almost half.
    While playing games such as TOXIKK, BF4, and GTAV I could also feel a significant framerate decrease. Of course, there was a very noticeable visual benefit from the 1440p resolution but, tbh, imo the loss of fps is not worth the price of a monitor that is capable of 1440p.

    Also, IMO the colour vibrancy of my BenQ is FAR superior to the ROG swift. (NOTE - IMO)

    So then, what monitors are you guys playing on? Or planning to upgrade to OR have recently upgraded to? :?:
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  • one thing is whether you an run game at such framerate and other whether the game, or better said engine its in, will even allow it. a lot of games dont support high framerates over 120fps. you might want to consult pcgamingwiki to find out which games support high framerate.

    because of that, i didnt go for high refresh rate monitor with my recent upgrade. instead, i went for lg 29um67-p 29" 21:9 monitor 2560x1080 with up to 75Hz. higher field of view benefits me more than higher framerate. but thats just my opinion.
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