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Mon Dec 08, 2014 3:55 am

  • Possibly one of the most fun free2play games out there. The game is a class based arena shooter that focuses on how cool you frag someone vs straight up killing your opponent. If you do play Double Action please tell me some fun experiences you have had in the game.

    The most hilarious moments I have had in the game are when I:

    a. Dove through a window, slid across a floor right into a grenade and blew up.

    b. Went one-on-one against my brother, he slid up a staircase while I was at the top and mid-air shotgunned me in the face. It resulted in a hilarious killcam.

    Here's some gameplay if you want to check out the game yourself:
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Mon Dec 08, 2014 12:05 pm

  • Nice one, had to watch the whole thing. Reminded me of our monthly lan nights years ago...
    A computer once beat me at chess. As it turned out, however, it was no match for me at kickboxing...
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